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Freshman year of college has been a lot of work so my activity on the blog has been close to none but spring break is on its way and I’m so ready! Anyhow, today I will be reviewing the famous Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil! So let’s get into it! 

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“Brightening, deep cleansing oil effectively cleanses away impurities and heavy makeup from skin with its light liquid texture. Plant-based ingredients such as rice bran oil and jojoba oil leave skin looking clean and bright.” - The Face Shop


Dispense 1-2 pumps of the cleansing oil and gently massage all over the face in

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This oil cleanser comes in a tall, plastic bottle. The bottle has a pump which keeps it clean. There is a clip that comes with it that keeps the pump from moving causing the product to leak. However, the clip is small and very easy to lose and I have had an instance where the product did leak because I didn’t have the clip. The exterior is a soft pink which gives the product it’s cute and soft aesthetic.




  • Oily
  • Acne Prone


I have always absolutely loved this cleanser. This was one of the first oil cleansers that I ever tried and I still love using it when I’m not trying new products. It’s mild and you just get the wonderful satisfaction of having all your makeup melt off at the end of a long day. It also successfully meets the expectation of making my dull dirty skin look clean and bright. Definitely a must-try!

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