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Mist Toner
lama b.

Yes, it's great. Thank you guys


Makes my skin really soft


good protection and reducing of acne

Doesn’t leave traces

Love this as your skin is blocked immediately but it’s not greasy

Softness around the eyes

It doesn’t need much to have the effect. Use a small amount and your eyes feel reborn

Werkt goed


Love that the mask itself is made of a fabric-like texture. Makes it feel really luxurious! This and the BoJ Centella mask are now my go-to!

Essence Toner
Stephany M.
Un éxito! Me deja la piel muy hidratada

Es súper bueno, me da una sensación de hidratación súper bonita.


One of my favourite cleaning oil! It’s amazing!

Soft !

Lips look so much better!


made my skin feel hydrating and its very cooling


it’s a very gentle cleanser and very hydrating for my dry skin. it made my skin texture less, my skin feels smoother.

You need this 😍

You need these in your life! I ordered the 97 in the bigger bottle. Was very curious about they other ones, because the 97 smells so good. We’ll i can tell you. Buy it. I drag it every where. In the house, in the car and work. The smells making me happy. All are good ❣️

Juicy it is ❤️‍🔥

Such a nice lipgloss. Smooth and pretty long lasting. Nice colour. Not to obvious.

Smells pretty nice

I use this as a finisher to trap in the moisturizer. It smells really great and is super to use for face massages

Feels and smells awesome

I just love this product. It fells great on the skin. The little spatula is helpful getting the product out. I have trouble with dry skin and it feels like it helping.


Texture is just AMAZING!

My Lash Serum

I’ve been using this serum for a month now. I can feel that my eyelashes are stronger than before. At night I put this serum on my eyes, because it is visible on your eyelashes.


Beautiful buttery cream that does not feel greasy at all. Gentle enough to use around the eyes for extra moisture. Sits lovely under makeup.

Een mooie tint, die verzorgend en zacht aanvoelt. Als je het een tijdje erop hebt zitten en je veegt het er af, is de kleur een beetje ingetrokken en heb je dus alsnog lang gekleurde lippen. Een top produkt!

Fijne crème

Trekt best goed in, alleen als ik er een dikker laagje op smeer blijft het wat langer glanzen en voel je de creme. Ik zie geen verschil in mijn rimpeltjes, maar het voelt wel heel prettig aan. Als deze tube op is, schaf ik een nieuwe aan.

I love it! It doesn't leave a white cast on my face and after a few minutes it leaves my skin super soft. I have easily irritated skin but this does not irritate my skin. Would definetly buy again.

Perfect SPF cream

I tried this cream for the first time today and it was just perfect: light texture,absorbs quickly,moisturizes the skin and doesn't leave any white residue.


This sunscreen is moisturizing and leaves my skin glowing. I have sensitive combination skin and it feels great. Don't even need a moisturizer before I use this.


This toner does indeed work calming. Even on my sensitive combination skin. I personally just put some of it in my hands and pat it on my face and neck. No need for a cotton pad.

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